We do not have any elastic.  Make ties or use alternatives like hair ties etc.  There is a shortage of elastic nationally. 


We are back!  Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10-5
We are closed Wednesdays and Sundays.
Thank you all for the wonderful support and kind words.

Our mission and passion is to continue and spread the art of quilting - How do we do that?


1.  We don't inflate our prices. Ever.  Guess what?  If we save, you save.  It's that simple.  

2.  We firmly believe quilting is for everyone of all abilities.  We keep our layout open and clear so people of all mobilities can peruse fabrics comfortably and safely.  We offer sign language interpretation during our Second Saturday Block of the Month.  Whatever we can to do help make quilting available, we try to do. 

3.  Help is always free.  Quilting is supposed to be fun and we want you to be successful in your quilting journey. If you find yourself stuck on a project (whether you bought it with us or not, and regardless of how old or new it is) we are ready and happy to help you work it out.  We will never turn you away. 

4.  We support our local businesses.  Part of continuing and spreading the art of quilting also means supporting our local community .  If we don't have something you are looking for, we will always refer you to one of the many wonderful local shops in the valley and metro area before sending you to one of the big box or regional chain stores, or to the internet.  If we don't support local, brick-and-mortar quilt shops then they will cease to be - and no one wants that!

We love to visit and see what you're working on.  Stop by and see us!


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4475 River Rd. N
Keizer, OR 97303


(503) 463-1880


Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: Closed

Coming in 2020!

We have all kinds of great things up our sleeves for 2020!  Look for new Block of the Months, fabric challenges, fantastic new fabric vendors, and more

The Cotton Patch Punch Cards are Now Digital!

We have decided to go digital with our punch cards using Five Stars, which means no more lost cards or points.  Stop by and get into the system - it is easy and it just takes your phone number!  Don't worry, your phone number is only used for you to access your points - not for sales calls or anything else.  Bring in your cards and we will add your existing punches to the system.  You will always know when you are close to $25 off, or if you have another reward waiting.  It is really cool!

As always, the points you earn through purchases NEVER expire...however, any deals you get through Five Stars do have an expiration date!

Backing Day

What is Backing Day? Bring in as many 100% finished quilt tops as you like (borders must be sewn on, please) and do a little show and tell.  Then you can pick any fabric you like for your backing, even Clearance, at 25% off.  Sorry, backings are single-fabric only. 

Need binding too?  Bring in your finished quilt top for backing, and if you need binding, it is 10% off too!  Sorry, but bindings are cut separately from backings as the discount amount is different. 

BACKING DAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTHIf the last day is a Sunday, then it will be the preceding Saturday.