Shop Cast of Characters

Store owner and quilter with 30+ years experience.  She loves all things quilting, but piecing is her passion. She writes patterns and Block of the Month programs exclusive to The Cotton Patch as Spinning Moon Ltd. 

Diane's husband and retired Marine.  When he isn't at his primary job, he keeps inventory and shipments in shape!  He is in can also be seen on his days off behind the cutting counter.  He is the best support a material girl could ever have!

Store Manager, and Diane and Lee's daughter. When she isn't at her primary job, she is at the shop doing samples, displays, and running our show booths.  With 17 years sewing experience, she loves to scrap quilt.

Assistant Manager and and Diane and Lee's son. He manages website inventory, incoming merchandise and running the mail order side of the business.  He too can be seen behind the counrt most days!

Media Director and Lauren's boyfriend.  All of our ads, videos, and most of our social media presence is all him.  If you see a man with a fancy camera setup in the store - that's him!   

She does so much for the shop that we can never place a value on her input. She has 20+ years' quilting experience and helps with the fabric purchases.  She is an expert at applique as well as an in-demand long arm quilter. 

Find Jill behind the counter every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday helping customers and keeping us all in line!  She is a wonderfully precise quilter with a knack for color and applique.  Many samples you see in-store are done by Jill!

We love the wonderful ladies that volunteer their time and talent to the shop.  We would not be the same without them. 

She is our resident paper piecing and hand quilting expert. Donna does the fat quarters and keeps Diane on task.  She loves to help you find your fabric and is always interested in 

She makes every kit we have look super.  She helps out with everything and loves to see new projects.  

She is in the store a lot and helps out when needed.  She does a lot of our samples and is beautifully creative with color 

She is also in the store a lot jumps in to help people when we get busy.  She too does a lot of our samples and is known for her bright quilts!

About Us

The Shop

The Cotton Patch is a family owned and operated, brick-and-mortar quilt shop located in Keizer, Oregon in the middle of the beautiful Willamette Valley.  We carry a wide variety of high quality quilting fabrics in a well-rounded palette - from batiks to flannels to blenders to wide backs, we have something for every quilter!  New pieces arrive weekly, so whether you're looking for traditional or contemporary, if you're a seasoned quilter or just starting out, we are here for you.

The store is bright with abundant natural light. That means that what you see is what you get; the colors aren't getting skewed by too much artificial light.  There are places to sit in comfortable chairs and talk, look at books and even do your hand work!  We love to visit and especially so when you bring in your in-progress and finished quilts to share!  

Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always available to help you with your quilting questions and quandaries, free of cost.  Whether you need another set of eyes to help with making fabric choices, an impromptu lesson on a quilting technique you're unsure about, or just some quilt talk, we are happy to help!

We welcome individuals and small groups to use our classroom space to work on projects, free of charge.  Our classroom features a sink area, an ironing area, a cutting table, two design walls, an in-room air conditioning, and for those rainy Oregon winters, a functional fireplace. If you or your small group would like to come in, please call ahead to ensure the classroom isn't in use by another group or for scheduled class time.  If it's not taken, you're in and you'll be stitching away in no time!

Stop by and visit with us soon, we'd love to see you!

Our Mission

Quilting is an art, and all quilters are artists.  Whether you choose to work in silks and velvets, or revel in the challenge of scrap quilts, fabric is your medium! The Cotton Patch is dedicated to fostering community and friendship among all quilters, and to the education of the next generation of aspiring quilters. We  strive to encourage new ideas and creativity in every quilter, and we are committed to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all quilters to meet and perfect their art in their own way.

We believe in the immeasurable good that quilting can do for those in need.  We contribute to the Linus Project, Coffee Creek Quilters, the Wounded Warrior Project, Quilts of Valor, One Million Pillowcase Project, as well as several local quilting quilting groups that benefit foster children, autistic children, and chemotherapy patients.  We are a drop site for the Linus Project. Please give us a call if you have any quilts to leave for the Linus Project!

We believe in local business.  We want to keep the local quilting economy alive and well. If we don't have what you need we will refer to you to another wonderful local business instead of an online vendor or big box store.  Without support for our brick-and-mortar businesses, they will go away.  


We work with teachers who have several years of quilting and sewing experience, all with different specialties and skill sets.  We offer a range of classes that appeal to all skill levels of quilter, from those just starting out on their quilting journey, to seasoned professionals looking for a challenge.  Be sure to check the class schedule posted on this site often (shown in the "Classes" tab), as well as what we are offering for “Block of the Month.”