The Cotton Patch

Shop Cast of Characters

Diane:  You all know her, she's the Boss!  She is a sewist and quilter with more than 30 years experience.  While she loves all things quilting, she is an expert piecer. She also writes patterns and Block of the Month programs exclusive to The Cotton Patch as Spinning Moon Ltd. 

Lauren:  She's the store manager and Diane and Lee's daughter. She's unfortunately only here part time, but she keeps the displays looking sharp and keeps the classes coming.  She has 10 years quilting experience, and quilting the finished tops is her favorite of the process.

Lee: Diane's husband and office manger.  He is a former Marine, and keeps our website inventory and shipments in tip-top shape!  He knows his way around the cutting counter too, and is excellent at cutting Block of the Month kits.  He is the best support a material girl could ever have!

Mychal: He is our fabric folding whiz, and Lee and Diane's son, and Lauren's younger (but taller!) brother.  He is the one who keeps the store stocked with fat quarters and all of our other in-house precuts.  He is not a quilter, but knows his way around the cutting counter just like Lee!

Barbara:  She is another trusted volunteer, as well as Lee's sister.  She tackles the things that the rest of us seem to procrastinate on - packaging, restocking, neatening, you name it!  What would we do without her?

John: He is Lauren's boyfriend, and although he isn't a quilter himself, he is a wildland firefighter and EMT.  When he isn't out battling forest fires, he is operating our social media for us!  If you see us post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you can bet your bottom dollar that John is behind that keyboard!

Carol:  She does so much for the shop that we can never place a value on her input. She has upwars of 15 years quilting experience and she helps Diane with picking out the fabric to be sold in the store.  She is an expert appliquer as well as an in-demand long arm quilter. 

Laurie:  She is a trusted volunteer and new custom long arm quilting business owner.  She's fairly new to the quilting game, but she is an expert woodworker.  Her woodworking skills make for very precise quilting skills! You’ll know she’s around when you hear the banter between her and “The Boss”.

Tom:  He is Diane's (taller) little brother and “The Quilt Dude” you've seen in our Newsletter.  He has tried his hand at quilting, and loved it!  He writes for a living, but spends time at the shop when he’s not on assignment. 

About Us

Our Store
The Cotton Patch is your friendly neighborhood quilt store that caters to the tastes of all quilters.  We carry a variety of high quality quilting cottons and flannels - from contemporary to traditional, from seasonal themes to the latest quilting trends, and from novelty to batiks, we have it all!  Our fabrics are priced fairly, and we never mark up our prices for sales, and never will! 

The store is big - easily manuvered by wheelchairs and strollers -  and bright with abundant natural light. That means that what you see is what you get; the colors aren't getting skewed by too much artificial light.  There are places to sit in comfortable chairs and talk, look at books and even do your hand work!  We love to visit and especially so when you bring in your in-progress and finished quilts to share!  

Our staff is knowlegeable and friendly, and always available to help you with your quilting questions and quandaries, free of cost.  Whether you need another set of eyes to help with making fabric choices, an impromptu lesson on a quilting technique you're unsure about, or just some quilt talk, we are happy to help!

We welcome individuals and small groups to use our classroom space to work on projects, free of charge.  Our classroom features a sink area, an ironing area, a cutting table, two design walls, an in-room air conditioning, and for those rainy Oregon winters, a functional fireplace. If you or your small group would like to come in, please call ahead to ensure the classroom isn't in use by another group or for scheduled class time.  If it's not taken, you're in and you'll be stitching away in no time!

Stop by and visit with us soon, we'd love to see you!

Our Mission

Quilting is an art, and it is our art.  Whether you choose to work in silks and velvets, or revel in the challenge of scrap quilts, we believe that all quilters are artists - only, instead of paint and canvas, we've chosen needle and thread as our medium.  The Cotton Patch is committed to fostering community and friendship among all quilters, and to the education of the next generation of aspiring quilters. We will always strive to encourage new ideas and creativity in every quilter, and we are committed to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all quiters to meet and perfect their art in their own way.

We also believe in the immeasurable value of quilting based charities. We contribute to the Linus Project, Coffee Creek Quilters, the Wounded Warrior Project, Quilts of Valor, One Million Pillowcase Project, as well as several local quilting quilting groups that benefit foster children, autistic children, and chemotherapy patients.  We are a drop site for the Linus Project. Please give us a call if you have any quilts to leave for the Linus Project!


The teaching staff at The Cotton Patch is top shelf.  We work with teachers who have several years of quilting and sewing experience, all with different specialties and skill sets.  We offer a range of classes that appeal to all skill levels of quilter, from those just starting out on their quilting journey, to seasoned professionals looking for a challenge.  Be sure to check the class schedule posted on this site often (shown in the "Classes" tab), as well as what we are offering for “Block of the Month.”

Return and Exchange Policy

- A Return constitutes a full refund in cash, on your card of payement or in in-store credit. 

- An Exchange constitutes issuance of in-store credit, trade of the defective item for a new one of the same type, or trade of good of equal value.

We will honor Returns and Exchanges as follows:
  • We will honor returns on unopened and unused notions in the case of manfacturer recall only.
  • We will honor exchanges on opened and lightly used notions in the case of manufacturer defect only.
  • No returns will be given on cut yardage packaged precuts or cut goods.  Exchange may be honored at our discretion in the case of a flaw in the fabric.
  • No returns or exchanges will be given on books or patterns.  We trust that none of our customers would photocopy a pattern or a pattern out of a book and return the original copy.  However, we believe in maintaining federal copyright laws and feel very strongly about maintaining the integrity of the designer's work - their livelihood depends on the sales of their unique patterns and books.
  • No returns or exchanges on Clearance merchandise.  Any flaws are noted on the merchandise, and all sales are final
Please see our Classes section for our Class Policy