The Cotton Patch

Spinning Moon Designs

Nearly all of our blocks of the month are unique, one-off designs you will only find at The Cotton Patch.  Occasionally, we'll give Diane a break from designing, but not very often!  We use first run, quality fabrics in the kits so when you are done, you will have a quilt that you can be proud of and use for years to come.

There are usually more than one block of the month programs going on at once.  There is a "Second Saturday" block of the month that is available in the store only.  Blocks are available and classes conducted on the second Saturday and preceding Friday of each month.  New block of the month quilts begin in October and April.  Once a program has started, we do not take any more sign-ups.  Even if you don't sign up, you are more than welcome to come sit in on the classes.  One of the key parts of each class is a show and tell session where you can show the group what you've been working on if you wish.  As you might imagine, this is Diane's favorite part of the class!

We also have a "counter block of the month" that you can sign up for in January. Like the Second Saturday blocks, the counter blocks are only available in the store.  Blocks for the counter block of the month are available on the first Saturday of each month.  There are no classes associated with the counter block of the month.


New Block of the Month starts in January 2017

Hearth and Home will be starting in August.  It is Diane and Carol's design.  It will be a flannel quilt.  More info to come.

Floral Menagerie Block of the Month

Join us for a year long trip to the zoo via Floral Menagerie fabrics from In the Beginning fabrics.  The quilt measure s 72" x 96" and the blocks come in at 24".  Pick up or do mail order.  Cost is $25 a month and $25 sign up.  Give us a call if you want to sign up or stop in.