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Spinning Moon Designs

Spinning Moon Designs are unique quilt designs that are only available here at The Cotton Patch.  Diane has always had a great interest in textile design starting with designing and making clothes for her paper dolls as a little girl.  As she moved into quilting, the design bug stayed with her and she designed her own quilts for many years prior to buying The Cotton Patch.  Now she routinely designs block-of-the-month patterns and others that you see around the shop.

Now, she will begin offering her patterns here.  As time goes on, you start to find more patterns showing up here, both for sale and free for your enjoyment!  Patterns that will be for sale will fall under the Spinning Moon banner.  The freebies will appear under the "Rubber Biscuit Quilts" banner to the right.  These are there for your enjoyment, however, design copyright applies so please do not reproduce without express permission.

Spinning Moon Designs

This is where you will find patterns for sale
(check back regularly) 

Summer in the Valley

Here is are the photos of me sewing the block.  It is not hard, but you do have to think like a piecer.  We try very hard to be accurate in our patterns but this summer has been a tough one personally so if you find that there is a mistake we will listen to your issue as long as you are not rude.  Rudeness does not belong in quilting.

Rubber Biscuit Quilts

These are the freebies!


Ducks in a Row Mini-Charm Mat


 Dragaround - Free Pattern

Mini-Charm Table Runner

Mini-Charm Table Runner - Free Pattern